Yusr for Logistic and Trading

Import and export of various kinds of products and services

Our Services

We always strive to be more flexible in dealing with customers

We are classified as an import and export consultant to provide consulting services related to import and export of various types of products

Our customer services testify to our reliability, our ability to complete the tasks entrusted to us at the lowest cost and timely completion

Customs consultation

If you are thinking about importing or exporting for the first time or if you have imported and exported before and faced some difficulties we help you to take your first step

public supplies

Supply of food items We have strong relations and experience in the field of foodstuffs, trade register and previous works of the project and simply supply food

Commercial Agencies

We are a commercial agency for the food products, paper products and cosmetics sector. The company’s activity in Egypt has been operating for several years

International marketing

International marketing activities require that organizations and companies identify the needs and needs of the public


We provide various services for the transportation of goods of various types inside and outside Egypt

Inquiries Service

By sending the type of goods to be imported or exported for customs duties

Yusr for Logistic and Trading

Specialized in importing and exporting foodstuffs of all kinds
We always strive in in all our dealings to provide our services with the best quality possible to achieve the maximum benefit and satisfaction of our customers.

About us

Yusr for Logistic and Trading. offers a full range of export and import logistics services to meet your range of service needs, our company is recognized as one of the most reliable suppliers in import and export consulting services in Thailand. We provide professional advice and help in preparing all required documents and licenses

our mission

We always strive in all our dealings to provide our services with the best quality possible to achieve the maximum benefit and satisfaction of the customers of the company, and access to a high level of flexibility in the work and maintain the competitive prices we offer our services, and we always care to develop the work team and development and investment in our employees to reach them

our goal

Is to become one of the leading and innovative solutions in the supply chain services in Egypt and the Middle East. Our primary focus is to enable our clients to maximize business growth through efficiency and operational excellence

Our products

Offers a wide range of products covering nine categories of top quality products

Yusr for Logistic and Trading

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