Yusr for Logistic and Trading

Offering a wide range of products including nine categories of top quality products in a range designed to meet the demand from different markets plus superior quality products in each category, Al Yousr Import & Export Co., Ltd. offers complete services including sea freight and air freight arrangements as well as commercial services related to Import, export and distribution


food products

The food is one of the most sought after products. On a daily basis, exports and imports between countries with values ​​exceeding billions of dollars, export of high quality frozen food products such as mayonnaise, milk, margarine, frozen chicken, frozen fish, beans, frozen beef, sausage Garlic, onions, dried fruits, dried vegetables, oils, pasta, legumes, fresh products, pickles, tea, coffee and other products).

Exporting vegetables and fruits of various kinds, which are obtained from farms directly to almost all parts of the world and serving mainly in the European market, the Middle East, Asia and Africa, the company deals with more than 1200 kinds of fruits and vegetables and ship their products through ships, aircraft and trucks in case of export For European markets.



The packaging materials used in packaging are characterized by characteristics and features that are determined according to approved standard specifications, taking into consideration the nature, composition and characteristics of the food itself. .

The most important food products are rice, pasta, salt, sugar, lentils, beans, flour, coconut, raisins, ground sugar, pepper, cumin, lemon salt, jasmine, coriander, Noodles and other materials and food items of multiple varieties and the packaging and packaging of these foodstuffs inside bags or packages of the category of kilograms or half kilograms


Plastics, paper and cardboard

We export and import special works of plastic, paper and cardboard, and we have the service of cutting the rolls and converting them to paper, and we also have a service dedicated to the parts or re-packaging of pulleys of any grams with a height of not less than 2.5 meters. It markets more than 10,000 tonnes per year and cooperates with the largest companies in the sector and is working to create a partnership to provide support for all types of paper.

In order to protect the environment and to provide raw materials at low prices, most of the countries that supply the waste and used materials, especially cardboard and plastic, are responsible for preserving the environment through recycling, as well as transferring the country’s money to import these materials. – Duplex carton – Test – Fluting Normal and luxurious – Tint colored and ordinary

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