Yusr for Logistic and Trading

We provide services to many international companies from East Asia, Central Asia, Middle East and Africa. We are in contact with many companies worldwide who wish to receive our services. We provide high quality service and also offer assistance in shipping goods, as we can Help you by offering your products to the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia markets and to act as intermediaries in providing your products or services in overseas markets and also finding and delivering customers to you.

Our Services

We offer a range of export services including support and consulting, risk mitigation, market research, business missions, trade fair support, business reconciliation and customized software, all designed to help you open doors and attract new business

We have the import logistics department, which is an important part of your business in remote parts of the world. Whether in Asia, the Middle East or Europe, we can provide customs and shipping facilities as we have a wide network of logistics partners around the world ensuring that your shipments will reach you safe as soon as possible.

We have contacts with shipping companies and reliable shipping agents, enabling us to help you by facilitating shipping operations. We provide services to many companies inside and outside Egypt, enabling us to create a huge database of all the products in the regional and international markets and terms of sale, transportation and loading including Our mission is to provide services to our customers anywhere in the world

The company shall terminate the customs clearance of goods imported from abroad or exported abroad, whether air, sea or land, where the company includes its members of the most efficient extractors in all Egyptian ports. In addition to finalizing the procedures of bidding on imports and exports and obtaining the approvals of the concerned bodies for the goods received or issued in the shortest time possible and at the lowest cost, we conclude the customs procedures for the customs clearance of the goods from the Egyptian Customs Authority. This is the last step of importing the product to you. One of the most important customs clearance companies in finishing customs clearance procedures in Egypt

The company provides internal transport services between governorates and from all Egyptian ports with contractual guarantees to ensure the arrival of goods and safety.

We have shipping agents in all the countries of the world and we do the work of booking land, air and sea containers and the work of insurance documents to bring shipments from abroad at the lowest possible prices.

We provide air freight services quickly and efficiently, through experienced air cargo experts. The company deals with many airlines inside and outside Egypt, allowing the customer to receive his goods quickly. The company carries out the rapid shipment of imported or exported goods through its agents in different Worldwide, the customer can follow the shipment at any time, and the company is in constant contact with various airlines and air cargo outlets around the world and follow the shipment for a moment until it arrives at the destination destination, allowing the company to complete and finish the shipment as soon as possible, Accurate shipment from the time of entering the airport even to the place of arrival.

The company has a large crew specialized in providing shipping services efficiently and provide the best service to the customer as well as the government sector and companies and institutions to and from Egypt and all over the world, and the company provides import service for all types of cargo shipments from different cities of the world at competitive prices as soon as possible, The customer can contact us at any time and agree with us to import the shipment from anywhere, and the company will respond to it as soon as possible and to formulate the procedures necessary to complete and terminate the arrival of the shipment to its place.

We provide the best road transport at the lowest prices, which enables the company to meet the growing demand from its customers both locally and internationally. The company has a full fleet operating efficiently in Egypt and various Arab and African countries. The company has all the transport equipment and means to complete the shipment safely So reach the customer.

If you are thinking about importing or exporting for the first time or if you have imported and exported before and faced some difficulties we help you to take your first step towards success and not to repeat mistakes We are with you step by step we offer you advice and guidance and facilitate procedures and remove obstacles to lift your mind the trouble of thinking, Availability to complete the business process successfully.

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